Heres some of my video work.





Red Bull & New Balance. Assistant Camera & Editor for Austin City Limits Festival. 2017

  • Assisted DP with the camera and lenses during the 4 hour shoot around Zilker Park.
  • Edited alongside Producer in creation of a video that was played on the screens of the festival to 450,000 people.
  • Edited 2 15 second short videos for Red Bull's Instagram.
  • Ensured logo and branding was visible per New Balance's specifications. 
  • Met a strict deadline for videos to be completed and approved within 24 hours.
  • Exported different codecs for online and broadcast.

The Muse. Photographer. 2017

  • Met with WorldFirst director to scout location and go over plan of action.
  • Shot behind the scene photographs of employees working as well as portraits of an employee who found their job through The Muse.
  • Photographs were delivered to The Muse for editing and publishing to their website.

Marathon Kids. Assistant Camera & DIT. 2017

  • Assisted DP with setting up Red Dragon camera with PL lenses.
  • Loaded and unloaded memory cards.
  • Backed up footage to multiple hard drives after shooting.
  • Slated between takes of shooting for sync of audio and video.

Squar. Director, Writer, Camera Operator. & Editor for commercial spot. 2017.

  • Developed concept, scouted locations and wrote script with client.
  • Directed and lead a DP, Talent, PA and client.
  • Operated camera when handheld and pulled focus on gimbal shots.
  • Searched for voice over talent, music selection and edited both videos.

The Bloomberg Channel. Aerial DP for Prada Marfa installation. 2016.

  • Traveled to Prada Marfa art installation from Austin, Texas.
  • Scouted locations at different times of the day for variable lighting scenarios.
  • Filmed aerial footage of art installation and surrounding desert for use in tv show on The Bloomberg Channel.

CopyCat documentary. Co-Director, DP & Asst. Editor. 2015-2017

  • Developed concept with co-director, fixer/producer and assoc. producer.
  • Prepped all camera, lens and audio gear for 3 months of shooting in Guyana.
  • Organized travel schedule and fees with co-director and producers.
  • Filmed daily in different weather environments from jungle, rain and intense heat while using available lighting.
  • Photographed with a 35mm film camera of behind the scenes, people and places.
  • Assisted in editing of film, choosing music and color correction.

Cuvee Coffee. Director,Writer, DP & Editor for 2 commercials. 2016.

  • Collaborated with agency and client to create concepts to grow their social media presence.
  • Created concept, wrote script, worked with finding voice over talent, filmed all scenes and edited each video to clients requirements. 

Eventbrite. Aerial DP and AC for Mohawk bar 2016.

  • Assisted DP with camera gear.
  • Filmed aerial footage establishing shots of the building and surrounding area of the Mohawk bar. 

Pennsylvania Board of Pardons. Writer, Director, Camera Operator & Editor of 2 commercials. 2016.

  • Pitched initial concept to Director of Board of Pardons.
  • Developed a storyline with characters
  • Drew a storyboard with shotlist.
  • Consulted with the agency and client for talent recruitment.
  • Directed, filmed and edited as a skeleton crew of 2 people.

Guyana marathon. Director, DP & Editor for 2 commercials. 2015.

  • Collaborated closely with the producer of the Guyana Marathon via email and video chat in developing the videos.
  • Organized travel and schedule.
  • Filmed and directed professional runner for 14 days throughout the different environment from jungle to desert, high humidity to dry climates.
  • Edited video while in Guyana on a short time frame to get video up on local television, website and their email subscribers.

Fly Jamaica. Photographer for European magazine advertisement. 2015.

  • Took high resolution still frames from footage I filmed of Kaieteur falls and monkeys in the jungle which were used in a European magazine advertisement to bring tourists to Guyana.

Peace Corps. Director, DP & Editor for 1 video. 2015.

  • Managed travel and schedule logistics. 
  • Spoke to volunteer and planned a script with schedule to film a "day in the life" video that was used in Peace Corps Guyana social media and emails.
  • Filmed, Directed and edited while on site in Guyana.
  • Video was viewed by over 17,000 people on Facebook within the first day.

The Delivery Men Austin, Texas

TD Ameritrade. Assistant Editor for 14 online commercials. 2017.

  • Edited with lead editor/director to create a variety of online videos ranging from 60 to 90 seconds in length.

TBS Search Party. DP & Lead Camera Operator. for 3 online commercials . 2017.

  • Met with director and producers from both client, production company and agency to go over the shoot.
  • Scouted location with the production and agency producers.
  • Directed a second camera operator.

TD Ameritrade. Assistant Editor for 14 online commercials. 2016.

  • Edited with lead editor/director to create a variety of online videos for TD Ameritrade.

Comedy Central. Assistant Camera for 1 online commercial. 2016.

  • Assisted DP with camera along with diffusion during harsh sun light and bounce to add lighting to the subject.

NFL. Camera Op. for 6th street bar October. 2016.

  • Operated a camera alongside a small crew while filming in a crowded pub.

Tacos of Texas Austin, Texas

  • Camera Operator for Tacos of Texas pilot show in El Paso, TX. 2017.
  • Camera Operator for Texas Beef Council mini doc. 2017.

Spring Box Austin, Texas

  • Camera Operator for 3 commercial spots. 2017.

Big Picture Ranch Austin, Texas

  • Camera Operator BTS of premiere for documentary "Good Fortune". 2017.
  • Camera Operator for interview in upcoming documentary. 2017.


  • Kessler Slider
  • Wireless lav mic
  • Boom mic
  • Zoom h5 sound recorder
  • Lights and grip gear
  • Car mount
  • Seamless paper backdrop
  • Sony FS7 kit
  • Sigma 18-35 1.8 ef lens
  • Canon 35mm 1.4 ef lens
  • Canon 70-200mm 2.8 ef lens
  • Canon 100mm macro 2.8 lens
  • Fluid head tripod
  • 5k Apple iMac with Adobe CC